Unions, Time, and Free Soda: Feedback Friday

26 Oct

Clock Watcher

I find people being late a sign of disrespect. Even as a kid I hated this. I also find it disrespectful to start meetings late “to give others a chance to arrive.” They had a chance. And somehow everyone else got here…

I love the old military idea that if you’re on time, you’re late. I always get to places early. Bring a book and read in your car if necessary. But don’t be late!


Unhappy with Unions

It’s time for the entitled unions to go. I’ve worked some really awful jobs for really low pay. I’ve had to put up with a lot of crap. And a few times I’ve left.

That’s the thing. If you’re not happy, leave! It’s that simple. I’ve never been part of a union, never would, and never wished for it. I knew that if I had/have an issue that couldn’t be resolved, it was time to take a walk.

All these teachers, nurses, contractors, and anyone else who has the gall to start a picket line while there are qualified people just begging for a job can go to hell. You make me sick.


Times a-Changin’

Remember when, during a promotion, you could score a free soda just by unscrewing the cap? Now you have to enter all your personal information online. Or when store coupons came in the Sunday paper? Now you have to download their app and scan at the register so they can track everything you buy.

The free market research trend isn’t going away anytime soon. You either get on board or you miss out. For me, my private data is worth more than any 20-cent savings.


Feedback Friday
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Pay to Play

19 Oct

So my Microsoft Office subscription just ended. Actually, it ended a couple weeks ago, and I was hoping that they’d forget and I could keep using it for free. No dice. I even looked online, and there’s no way to screw the system. They’ve got all the bases covered.

So I finally had to pony up the funds. You better believe I’m sending the bill to Gaslamp Publishing! I’m just tired of it, though. Not bragging, but I paid a ton for my computer. And now this? I fully understand that software’s not free, but this just feels like nickel-and-diming to me. It’s like charging someone for a steering wheel when they buy the car. Bollocks!


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Note: the views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect the sentiments of the publisher

Drugs, Higher Education, and Defensive Driving: Feedback Friday

19 Oct

Venting About Opioid Epidemic

For me, it’s not about the advice to carry Narcan. It’s not even about ‘safe zones’ where drug addicts can “safely” abuse their bodies. I’m concerned that all of the programs and ideas designed to help are really just making it easier for people to do drugs.


Need New Solutions

We need to stop looking at opioids to cure opioid addiction. First it was morphine, and now we’re supposed to believe that this buprenorphine is somehow going to solve things?

When I couldn’t stop overeating on fast food, my dietician made me follow a plan that completely cut out those poisonous foods. She didn’t recommend I try a bacon cheeseburger with a little less cheese.


Sees Both Sides

This whole #FreeCollegeNow debate is interesting. I’m torn, and in a very hypocritical way. What I mean is that it took me 10 years to pay off my debt. I could have used that money to invest, save, start a business, any number of things. So I get that.

But then the other part of me whose life was altered by having to pay up for that long finds it more than a little unfair to just start giving students a free ride. At the least, some sort of community, military, or civil service should be required in exchange for free tuition.


No to Death

The death penalty should be abolished, but not for any peacenik or religious reasons.

  1. Putting someone to death “legally” is very expensive
  2. Death row inmates today live for decades before the sentence is carried out
  3. The punishment isn’t a deterrent to violent crime

The biggest reason, though, is that the families of the victims have to live forever with the pain that criminals caused. As mass killer Carl Panzram said before he was put to death in 1930: “The only way to reform criminals is to kill them.” Why should convicts get an easy way out?


Rolling Rage

These days, whenever I get into my car, it’s like preparing for battle. There’s always someone right on my tail. I’m not an aggressive driver, but today you have to be defensive.

I’m not going to go on the offensive and lash out, but I’m also not going to change my driving habits. Especially when they’re the right habits, by the book. And I won’t hesitate to call the police when necessary.


Feedback Friday
Anonymous thoughts and viewpoints on weekly happenings
from readers of Gaseoustania Tonight

Note: the views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect the sentiments of the publisher

Loopy Law

7 Aug

The new DUI-E (driving under the influence of electronics) law is such a stupid idea. It won’t change a goddam thing.

Cops have to stop you for something else to find out that you’re even using your cell phone.

Next, the fines are so small, who’s really going to care, much less change their ways? I haven’t stopped speeding, despite getting tickets. Look at what happened with Obamacare penalties. People decided that paying the fine was cheaper than being forced to buy a crappy product.

And that’s saying nothing to the fact that most drivers today are distracted already with the radio, conversations, etc.

I can’t wait for driverless cars so we don’t even have to think about what the psychotic in the next is doing today instead of actually paying attention to the road.

by Peter Bravestrong
Gaseoustania Tonight

Off Your Rocker

2 Aug

Can someone explain to me why carbon offsets aren’t actually a joke? How can anyone take these things seriously?

The basic idea is, to “make up” for your ‘carbon footprint,’ you give donations to companies and organizations to ‘reverse the environmental impact’ you’ve made.

So these places will do things like plant trees, clean up waterways, and so on, which are all really noble things in and of themselves. But they do nothing to ‘reverse the impact.’ The damage has already been done. That’s not to mention the fact that these are for-profit companies, who are really banking off your ‘carbon footprint.’

Mother Nature’s BFF


The better way is to live a life of consciousness. You don’t have to give up all your possessions and live in a shack, but simple, every day choices can make a big impact:

  • Skip the plastic bag and carry stuff out if you can (or use those canvas bags).
  • Get a water bottle and fill it up every day, instead of buying bottled water.
  • Take shorter showers, and re-use cooking water for plants.
  • Type things out and use less paper.

There are so many things you can do to help the environment, while still living your life. I’m not going to try to list them all, and no one needs to be addressed like a little kid.

The bottom line is that carbon offsets are like stealing clothes and food from your child and giving them to another kid. It makes no sense at all!

Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin
Gaseoustania Tonight

No Soup for You

2 Aug

I’m tired of all these companies totally x-ing customers out of the equation! Don’t you like to make money?! ‘Convictions’ and ‘beliefs’ aside, you need to ask yourself why you even got into business in the first place! These days, you can turn someone away if they’re gay, fat, disabled, of a different race or religion, or if you just don’t feel like the way they look that day.

Business Person: I don’t care for your hairstyle and/or outfit. Get out of here!

Case in Point


Last month, my friends — who are married and, oh yeah, happen to be gay — had to find a new hotel, after the one they booked at suddenly had a “reservation error.” Yeah, right. We’re pretty sure it was discrimination, and they’re working with a lawyer to see if they can nail the place.

Meanwhile, this councilman got busted on prostitution charges. The police say that for more than a year, he was bringing ladies of the night back to that very same hotel! There goes your “moral grounds,” you bunch of hypocrites!

And these places — hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. — serve to child molesters, murderers, and the absolute bottom of society all day long. They might not even know it, but in most cases they do and just choose to look the other way. I guess it’s better to fondle a kid than to be in a consensual, loving, committed relationship.


Business people need to take care not to let their own personal morals get in the way of their profits. Just keep your mouth shut and keep making pizzas or whatever. And if you do choose to run your mouth, don’t complain when customers stop showing up. You can’t have it both ways!

Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin
Gaseoustania Tonight

Feedback Friday

28 Jul

Semper Fi

Serving your country is not a crime, and shouldn’t be treated as such. Trump’s transgender ban is a slap in the face of our democracy, and is downright un-American. And to think he campaigned as some sort of LGBT champion. What a douche!


No Sympathy for Immigrants

Those ‘undocumented immigrants’ who died in the back of a semi in Texas? F– ‘em. I know that sounds harsh, but they didn’t have to get in that truck in the first place, and they all knew that they were committing a crime by illegally passing a border. They all did.

I hope this is a hard lesson for anyone else who wants to try and pull a similar stunt. I hope the people that they caught get harsh punishment. The truck driver should be shot. And once they find the illegals who got away, they should be shot, too. Zero tolerance is the best policy.

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