Crude on our Hands

There’s been a lot of talk about the recent oil spill in the Gulf and I know this entry will be just one more in what seems to be an endless stream of opinions and accusations. I also know this week’s topic won’t be a popular one with many readers.

I say that because it occurs to me we are all to blame, in however small a part, for this mess. You may not have personally drilled into the ocean floor in search of new resources. You may not know of anyone who approved such drilling in the first place.

But if you’ve eaten with a plastic fork, eased the pain of a cut with Vaseline, not to mention gassed up your car, you are undisputedly part of the problem, not the solution.

America’s seeming unquenchable thirst for oil is nothing new to the headlines, however nearly four decades of inaction and ignoring the problem has snowballed into a big concern for many, as it should be for everyone.

Let’s be realistic here. Unless you live in the woods, sleep in a grass-and-mud hut you made by hand and sustain yourself solely on what berries and seeds you’re able to find on the forest floor, it may be all but impossible in today’s society to fully wean yourself off some kind of dependence on oil.

Forget gas in your car for a moment and consider the plastic eating utensils mentioned above. What about baby oil? What about cooking oil? What about products you never knew contained oil or chemicals used to clean, dye, treat our clothes? The plot thickens…

I’m not going to get into a rant on this one and, to be honest, there’s no immediate fix to be seen at the moment anyway. My only thought in starting this entry was to bring about the notion that while we point fingers at BP and those responsible for allowing this disaster to occur in the first place (and rightfully so), we should remain cognizant of the fact that it is our desire for fuel, for cheaply made toys, diapers, etc. which has brought us to this moment.

And for that reason, the finger is also pointed directly at us.

by Peter P. Gaseoustania; Gaseoustania Tonight


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