Nix the News

I’m so sick of the news stations thinking they know it all. They talk down to us like we’re a bunch of got-dang second-class citizens!

Last night, my local news station did this piece on “What To Do If You Get Pulled Over,” offering this whole sleazy, holier-than-thou tutorial on the necessary steps to take during a traffic stop. I wanted to punch someone right there, I was so pissed!

Most of the people watching that newscast have probably taken and passed high school Driver’s Education courses, and many more have, most likely, been pulled over at least once before, or, at the very least, know someone who has.

I think we all know “what to do” during a traffic stop. Sit back, take your lumps and keep your got-dang mouth shut. You know you’re going to get at least one ticket. Don’t start blabbing and make it three or more!

When did the news become our life coach? What’s next: telling us what to do when the light turns green? An exposé on the correct way to get dressed in the morning? Perhaps a three-part series on how to use the restroom? I’m sure viewers would appreciate having their hands held throughout every little detail of life!

I can see now I’ll have to just stop watching the “news” altogether. Maybe I’ll start reading articles online. At least then I might be shown a shred of respect, and not be pandered to like I’m still in kindergarten!

by Jon Novin; Gaseoustania Tonight


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