Need for S(pee)d

The solution to America’s dependence on foreign oil is simple… and it’s in our toilets!

I think we should find a way to make cars run on urine. Think about it:

*everyone has access to it
* it will not make a dent in your budget, no matter how rich or poor you may be
* it is a truly abundant resource
* it is environmentally-friendly

And, to top it all off, converting engines to run on pee would only encourage people to drink more water, which is good for them in the first place!

It would also save on water bills and water waste, since no one would be flushing urine anymore but would, instead, be saving it in bottles and what not for their cars!

I say we are flushing a viable source of fuel down the toilet… literally!

It’s time to get serious about eco-solutions, people. It’s time to stop pissing away our future.

It’s time to fasten our seat-belts and prepare for a pee-fueled future!

by Tommy “R” Panagopolis; Gaseoustania Tonight


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