Fight or Flight?

By now, many readers have been barraged with comments, both for and against, the newest security measures now in use across the country. This includes X-ray screeners, pat-downs and more, as the quest toward total flight safety continues.

To me, it boils down to three main options: go through the scanner and let some anonymous, greasy TSA schlub in the back get a real nice look at your junk, get felt up by an equally greasy TSA worker in front of everyone… or find another way to get where you want to go.

That’s it. It’s fight or flight. And you can be sure if you choose to ‘fight,’ you won’t be flying any time soon.

The fact of the matter is that these new security measures are here to stay. Like it or not (and let me clear that I am not a fan of this personal invasion in the name of safety), no amount of outrage, uproar, sit-ins, polite (and not so polite) requests, pilot and crew whining, and so on will change the scene. At the end of the day, you’re getting violated or you’re not getting on a plane.

So, understanding that, my ire is not directed at the newest crackdown on potential terrorist threats. Instead, I find myself seeing red at the fact these new security measures will not result in preventing another terrorist attack. Allow me to explain.

First, nothing but a strip-search can ensure each and every passenger is not carrying some sort of weapon, contraband, or other item they could use to impose harm on themselves or others. It will be a sad day for airport security when (and believe me, the question is not ‘if,’ but ‘when’) the general public is subject to a strip-search, before they can even get to their gate.

The trouble is, even that method is not entirely fool-proof. Just ask any corrections officer. Drugs and weapons are brought into prisons each day at a staggering rate. That’s with pat-downs, metal detectors, scanners, body cavity searches, and any number of methods currently devised to prevent just such items from getting to ‘the inside.’

This means we may as well just tell the terrorists: “Hey, if you want to get bombs on board, it may be a bit more difficult now, but just put the stuff in your rectum or vagina and you’ll be okay.” One visit to the on-board restroom and we will be facing our next tragedy in the skies.

Secondly, I take issue with pilots trying to get out of the new scanning systems. Now, I know, they have to go through any number of security clearances, have to uphold stringent guidelines and possess spotless background checks, etc. And I know it must be a pain. I get it.

But consider this. If I’m a committed terrorist, intent on doing the maximum amount of harm in the name of whatever psychotic allegiance is pushing me to take such action, what will prevent me from going to pilot school, keeping my nose clean for 10-12 years, getting through a lenient security check (because, after all, I have a ‘good track record’) then putting my long-held plan into action and killing hundreds of innocent victims?

Unlikely? Perhaps. But it could happen. And it may happen. And when it does, we’ll all be tearfully regretting the fact we went so easy on the pilots and crew.

The bottom line is this: I want a country, a world, that is one step ahead of the terrorists. I want to enforce security measures which will stop in its tracks any plot to do harm to the masses. I want to be able to get on a plane, drive to the store, even walk to my mailbox, without the fear of someone hurting me or my family. I don’t want a Police State, but an environment of security and safety which each and every citizen rightfully deserves.

But when it comes to politically driven, knee-jerk reactions to terror plots we should have seen coming a mile away, when it comes to ‘bending the rules’ for any person in authority who doesn’t want to get their uniform wrinkled, or to have that whopping two minutes of their life wasted, when it comes to devising asinine ‘security measures’ which only provide a blueprint for evil men to plot their next terror attack, I have to draw the line.

And you should, too.

by Peter Gaseoustania; Gaseoustania Tonight


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  1. EVERY TSA employee should be fired for misconduct. If they’re not taking care of their cronies, they are molesting our children and eldery, or barking out senseless orders like the Gestapo guards they are.

    Security is important, but do it right. Hire trained professionals, instead of these social-outcast, dead-beat drop-outs who can’t even tie their own shoes, much less understand a simple medical exception, or that a five-year-old probably isn’t the most wanted terrorist in the country.

    Most of these thugs are only using this as a stop-gap job anyway, and have their minds locked on how much speed their going to do once they get out of work. Look at all the things they have missed thus far!

    No, I do NOT feel safer with a pack of ignorant thugs “protecting” me.

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