Pedophile in Disguise

What is this fascination with Santa? I mean, kids who’ve learned the truth about the fat man (and even some adults who should know better) can’t get enough of him!

But there’s a dirty secret here that no one wants to admit. Think about it:

  • a fat old guy with a long, gray beard who you only see once a year, sneaking into your kids’ bedrooms at night
  • a perfect stranger who not only allows, but welcomes all the kids to sit on his lap and tell him their deepest desires
  • a creep who “knows when you’ve been bad or good,” and “sees you when you’re sleeping”

Santa is nothing but a got-dang perv! Am I really going to be the only one with the stones to say it?!

I know, for me, I’ll never let my kids be anywhere near Santa, and I sure as hell am not gonna let them get to trust this freak, let alone come to “love” him!

The next Santa I see this year is going to get an up close view of the pavement, if you know what I mean! No more free rides, fatty. No more free rides…

by Jon Novin; Gaseoustania Tonight

Note: The views and content expressed herein, including some use of language, do not necessarily represent the opinions of Gaseoustania Tonight.


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