I’ve found one of the easiest ways to make even the most docile person upset is to say you don’t like music.

“Don’t like music?! Who in hell doesn’t like music? Is this even possible?”

The fact is, even Hitler had a love for music. “You’re not worse than Hitler, are you?”

I love how normally open-minded, ‘live and let live,’ non-opinionated folks take this as a personal attack, a veritable slap in the face toward all they hold dear in this life.

So I don’t like music. So what? Does it make me less of a person? Am I to be shunned because of it?

Deaf people don’t even know what music is! Are you going to beat up on a deaf person, just because they don’t, can’t, share your borderline psychotic obsession with music?!

The fact is I actually love music. All kinds. Even country. I love to listen to music, play music, talk about music. I love every aspect of it.

But most of the time, if only to raise people’s ire, I’ll let on that I hate it.

Because saying you hate music is a statement that even your grandmother would slap your face for saying. Right in the middle of a crowded grocery store. She wouldn’t even care.

She wouldn’t even care.

by Tommy “R” Panagopolis; Gaseoustania Tonight


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