Justice For All?

The headlines have been ablaze recently with reports of police officers and other law enforcement personnel injured or killed in shootouts with violent criminals. We should all be truly concerned at this alarming trend, and keep the victims of these crimes, law enforcement and otherwise, in our thoughts and prayers. At the same time, however, these incidents raise an uncomfortable question about whether or not there really is, in the end, “justice for all.”

What I mean to say is that in most cases where an officer is injured or killed in a shootout or other altercation, the sun never sets before a criminal is caught. Only in very rare instances does the search for a suspect in these type of incidents last longer than a day.

On the other hand, there are, at this very moment, countless unsolved murders, and the reality is that most of them will not only never be solved, but altogether forgotten about as time goes by and newly committed crimes require investigation. In these cases, only  the family members and innocent victims are left to live out the rest of their lives the best they can.

This tactic is an ugly and immoral reality in today’s society. Naturally, law enforcement will vehemently deny such a hypocritical method exists. But the fact remains that, for whatever reason, be it pride, anger or fear, those who vowed to ‘protect and serve’ seem to, time and again, do so with a greater gusto, a more focused approach, when the incident involves one of their own.

There may never be a resolution to this problem save, for, perhaps, an end to random violence, gang warfare and baseless attacks against law enforcement personnel ‘just doing their jobs.’

But so long as this sort of ‘selective justice’ continues to exist, I fear, for the criminally-minded among us, the battle lines between ‘us’ and ‘them’ will forever be clearly drawn.

by Peter Gaseoustania; Gaseoustania Tonight


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