Punks & Thugs Take a ‘Time-Out’

Today’s prison systems are more crowded than ever, and it’s because they’re doing things all wrong!

Instead of having jail time for smaller crimes like drug possession and what not, you should, instead, get a ‘time-out’ or some sort of public humiliation like having to wear a sandwich-board or being dropped off downtown in your underwear during rush hour.

Or they could cancel your vacation or something. It would be kind of like community service, but even worse, since they would just take away something that’s important to you, like when you were a kid. Maybe if it’s your first offense, they just take your TV away from you for a few months, or whatever. Bigger or multiple offenses would make you lose, say, your car and license for a year. It would be more based around inconvenience and making you look like an ass than anything else. Now that’s a deterrent!

I still think violent criminals should be behind bars, don’t get me wrong. I just think, since there’s such an issue of overcrowding in prisons, and since your small-time gang-bangers and petty thugs are all about ‘respect,’ instead of locking them up, we should make an example of them, make them lose a bit of their pride, and make them the laughing stock of the whole town! That will put a damper on their ‘big man’ attitude real quick!

If people aren’t ‘getting it,’ or are trying to mess with the system, you could just permanently give their stuff away, say, to a homeless shelter or a thrift shop or something. That way they’d know someone else has their stuff because they couldn’t grow up and function like a normal person! It’s the adult version of having your stuff locked up in the teacher’s desk drawer!

Prison life has been glorified for long enough. It’s time, instead of locking these punks away where they can just be a ‘big man’ for everyone else to see and try to prove themselves somehow, to humiliate them and make them feel like dumb-asses!

It’s worth a try, at least. I’ll bet ‘white-collar crime’ would drop off almost immediately if we bring back the ‘Scarlet Letter’ type public shaming of the old days! Let’s do it!

by Tommy “R” Panagopolis; Gaseoustania Tonight

Note: The views and content expressed herein, including some use of language, do not necessarily represent the opinions of Gaseoustania Tonight.


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