Feel the Burn

I’m so sick of hearing people who ride bikes to work or “walk everywhere” boasting about how they’re “not affected by high gas prices.” It’s a bunch of horsecrap! Anyone who eats, wears clothes or even has a got-dang pizza delivered once in a while is affected in one way or another.

Unless you’re a nudist living in a mud hut, who only eats the nuts and berries you find on the forest floor, you’re going to be screwed out of your hard-earned money just like the rest of us. The only difference is, instead of being screwed directly by the big oil companies, you’re having to fork up extra for bread and cheese, clothing and even some services. And if your mud hut happens to be heated with a kerosene lamp, you’re getting dicked over just like me!

You may be “cutting back” and/or not “feeling the pinch” as much as everyone else with your got-dang hybrid car and your once-a-week grocery trips to save gas, and your precious walking or cycling everywhere, but the sad fact is that your wallet is thinner now than it was even a year ago. Just like mine. Just like your neighbor’s. And I love it. Suck on that for a while.

by Jon Novin | Gaseoustania Tonight

Note: The views and content expressed herein — including some use of language — do not necessarily represent the opinions of Gaseoustania Tonight, nor its editors and publisher.


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  1. You are absolutely correct! I love cycling, but I do it for my health. I am not trying to “Save the Whales,” “Save the Planet” or save everything except my health. High gas prices impact EVERYTHING we buy!

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