All Sides: “Smart” Power Meters

Topic: Power companies across the country are using so-called “smart meters” to collect electricity usage data. Instead of having a technician physically visit each home and write information into a log book, “smart meters” send usage data over the airwaves.

Big Brother is Still Watching

by Abraham “Able Abe” Aenstograafik

Smart meters are the latest tool of the government, designed to spy on hard-working Americans… and violate their human rights!

The power companies keep talking about the “simplicity” of this system by touting how data is sent over the airwaves, making it ‘easier for everyone’ than the current system, which works just fine. But the truth is, the only ones who are benefitting from this are criminals! Congratulations, you just made it that much “easier” to steal my identity!

Plus, who’s to say your neighbor can’t log on, see your energy usage, and call the police if they think you’re using more than your fair share? Meanwhile, the workers who install the new devices can also attach hidden chips to your house, to monitor your every move. It’s like volunteering to be treated like a fugitive!

Some of these devices could also include tiny cameras that can take photos of you in the shower and elsewhere, and then post the images directly to the Internet!

And with the way most kids today know technology, it won’t be too long before some punk teen or neighborhood bully finds a way to hack into the system and start using your power for free! The power company will say, since the usage data was sent over the airwaves, there’s no way to track who was actually using it. These thugs will be having the times of their lives, really whopping it up at parties and what not, while you’ll get stuck to foot the bill!

This method also means they won’t need an actual person to go house to house anymore, which means one more job lost to the technology machine, and the never-ending quest for the Almighty dollar.

Finally, why isn’t anyone talking about the most certain health concerns these meters will bring? A lot of places have banned these contraptions, including Southern California, a place with stringent environmental laws. The microwaves these things will be letting off put our families and pets at a huge risk of any number of health complications. They just aren’t worth it!

Save Money, Save Time

by Janie Flahnhoegennloegenn

With all due respect, some of the ideas being presented by smart meter critics are downright absurd. I have to hold back my laughter, as their off-the-wall and fear-fueled inaccuracies are downright ludicrous.

Smart meters are simply a more efficient, more accurate means to collect electricity usage data. They streamline operations at power companies throughout the country, while providing customers with a higher level of service than we were ever able to receive under the old system. It is, simply put, a true win-win situation.

I am thrilled at the prospect of being able to view, in real-time, the energy usage of my household. This information creates a valuable resource that will allow us to adjust our energy usage, and avoid being surprised by an inflated power bill at the end of the month. It could also foster lifestyle changes. For instance, if our usage tends to spike in the evening, perhaps we are lighting rooms with no one in them. This type of data is a welcome insight into our impact on the environment.

To that end, there is no conclusive proof that radio waves pose any health complications. This is pure hearsay, promoted by non-credentialed “doctors” who have a mysterious penchant for changing the subject when asked to supply research to back up their erroneous claims. Even for those who don’t use cell phones (an increasing rarity in today’s society), the electrical output generated by microwaves, televisions and any number of ‘everyday’ appliances is substantially greater than that which smart meters produce.

Smart meters are the answer for a modern society. They conserve energy, improve the power grid system, and educate consumers. I can’t wait for these devices to be installed in my neighborhood!

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