Senseless Census

Editor’s Note: A new report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows — for the first time ever —racial and ethnic minorities make up for more than half the children born in the country.


Yeah, I read the report. Am I supposed to give a damn about it? It doesn’t change my stance one bit.

Look, everyone knows the Census numbers are skewed. They’ve always been that way! Why anyone actually answers their invasive questions is beyond me!

I have never participated in the Census, and never will. It is an invasion of privacy, and the data is solely collected to use against tax-paying citizens.

In 2010, I never answered the door when the Census-taking thugs came knocking. In a stroke of bad luck, they caught me as I was returning home after a grocery run. I told them I would not participate. They threatened to come back with the police. I told them to do just that. They never came back!

The bottom line is this: you can’t force people to take part in the Census. These “workers” who come onto my private property are trespassing and putting the security of my family at risk. Most of them are just casing the joint so they come back later and rob the place!

I know a lot of people who skipped out on the Census two years ago, and I can tell you for a got-dang fact that I’ll be one of them in 2020! I’ve yet to hear about the police actually getting involved in this, but let me tell you, the day some crooked cop comes onto my property, demanding I give out private information to some punk-ass thug is the day he gets his ass handed to him in the worst way possible! Now you’ve got me all worked up!

I will never give up this fight, and you shouldn’t either, friends. Stop letting the government spy on you, or at least make it a bit of a challenge for them, instead of willingly offering up your life story!

The fact is, the Census is only going to get more and more personal. I’ll bet the next time they’ll be asking for your PIN numbers and Internet passwords! If these Census criminals want a war, they’ve got one from the Novin family! That’s a got-dang promise!

by Jon Novin | Gaseoustania Tonight

Note: The views and content expressed herein — including some use of language —  do not necessarily represent the opinions of Gaseoustania Tonight.


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