All Sides: Election 2012

Topic: GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced his pick for vice-president last weekend. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has already begun campaigning. The announcement means both tickets for the November election are now set. President Barack Obama is seeking a second term with Vice-President Joe Biden.

The Three “R”s

by Tuppence “Penny” Piazza

Romney and Ryan will bring this country back to the glory days of what it was under another ‘R’ visionary: the great Ronald Regan. It’s time for us as a nation to once again embrace the family and fiscal values of true conservative leadership.

Obama is a joke. He promised us ‘change’ but gave us more of the same. The same failed policies and outright lies of the Clinton administration. The same attack on the middle-class as all the Democratic presidents before him.

He not only kept two wars going, but sent even more of our troops to die in Afghanistan! In Syria, he even tried to start World War Three!

Obama is nothing but a wannabe. He has proven himself incapable of leading this country. We can’t keep sitting back and ‘hoping’ things will be different. We can’t allow this maniac to lead us ‘forward’ into increasing debt, increasing uncertainty and a future full of nothing but shame and dishonor for Americans.

Oh, it’s time for change, alright! It’s time for real change. It’s time for Romney/Ryan.

Slam Dunk

by Paula Postolpokij

Democrats everywhere, rejoice! The grand-clown Romney’s choice of court-jester Ryan could not be better news for those of us who truly value our freedom.

This is like 2008 all over again, only this time, Sarah Palin’s role is being played by a cowardly troll, completely inept at making any decisions that might benefit anyone but the very upper crust of society. And, once again, the misguided, misinformed, complete moron Republicrap-heads are eating it up like ambrosia from the gods!

They’ll be choking on it soon enough, though, when Obama crushes them like the pin-heads they are. There is no way he can lose!

About All Sides

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