All Sides: Advertising Blitz

Topic: Some cash-strapped cities have taken to displaying ads on police cars, fire hydrants, and other city vehicles and properties.

Sell, Sell, Sell

by Pietro “Petey” von Tweety

It’s no secret that times are tough. Unemployment is at an all-time high, inflated gas prices keep people struggling to pay for groceries and simply make ends meet, and the so-called ‘economic downturn’ shows no sign of turning back UP anytime soon. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I don’t have a problem with this idea at all. The companies are paying where the cities can’t. It doesn’t mean this is forever. Lawmakers should sign short-term contracts and hope for better days to come.

Plus, this idea is better than losing services and resources, which would also mean even higher unemployment. If people can’t find work in their towns, they’re going to move out and find work someplace else. That’s not good for anyone.

I wonder if the critics would like to pay higher taxes, instead, to keep the city budget in the black? You know as well as I do that they’d be protesting in the street if that happened! These cities have found a solution to their cash-flow problems, without having to ask for a dime from any citizen.

I actually think there is a lot of potential here. The ads could be tailored to the vehicles they would be placed on.

Ambulances could have ads for health providers. Police cruisers could promote charities that help kids. School buses could have ads for colleges, as well as leadership opportunities.

People need to stop shooting down every idea that comes across the table. Unless they can come up with a better solution, they need to keep their mouths shut.

America for Sale

by Jon Novin

Oh, sure. I think we should sell ads everywhere! We should have them pop up on our computer screens at work. Make bed sheets out of ads. Put them on contact lenses and sunglasses, so there’s no chance we’ll miss them! I want to be hit 24/7 with advertising for products I will never need or use!

I mean, why not?! While my house is burning down, I want to know where I can get “smokin’ hot” spicy fried chicken for dinner. While a loved one is dying, I want the paramedics to tell me about the latest in skin care lotion, before they even attempt to help.

In fact, why not re-name all the streets?! That way, when I’m giving directions, I can just tell people to take a left on United Healthcare Way, go straight until they see Uncle Jimmy’s Brick Oven Pizza Lane, then take a right to go down NextGen Telecom Parkway! Simple as that.

But why stop there? Let’s rename the local church “Tim’s TV’s Church.” How about “Apex Sportswear Funeral Home?” Why not destroy everything around us with ads?!

And what if a business can’t (or won’t) pay? Will taxpayers be encouraged to stay away from their stores? Will we put some sort of symbol on their shop windows, so everyone will know they’re not “participating?” Hey, it worked for Nazi Germany!

What about the mom-and-pop operation that can’t afford to pay for advertising? Will they be overlooked if they need public assistance? Yeah, let that place burn to the ground. Those SOBs didn’t pay up.

There are so many ways this could backfire. What will you do when the companies that sell potato chips and soda want to advertise on school buses, despite the fact that you’ve banned those products from schools, because kids today are so fat? What happens when a cigarette company wants to advertise on the cafeteria trays at the hospital?

Will you do the right thing (the moral thing!), and turn their money away, or will you compromise your values, while bowing to the Almighty dollar?

Public servants need to stop whoring off America’s cities. They made a vow when they took office to serve citizens’ interests as best they can. Well, citizens don’t want this! Don’t turn your back on them in the name of a few measly bucks!

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