All Sides: Airline Dress Codes

Topic: Some U.S. airlines have ‘dress-codes’ in place. Passengers whose attire does not meet the ‘standards’ could be kept from flying, or asked to leave, once on board the aircraft. Civic groups have challenged the legality of these rules.

Modest Mouse

by Hector “Stevie” Sambulogento | Fashion Editor 

Many of us remember a day when flying was considered a luxury. It wasn’t so much the price — which, mind you, could be a factor — but mostly because of the novelty of it all. Flying meant being able to get away from it all — not so much of a routine thing back then as it is now.

People would dress for the journey, as well. Men in suit and tie, women in flowing dresses. The stewardesses were always pleasant and friendly, like they really cared how you were doing, how you were feeling.

These days, you get people walking onto planes in sweat pants, with their rear ends hanging out, listening to music or tapping some sort of electronic device. They are lost in their own world, not even paying attention to anything going on around them.

Once on board the plane, you’re met with one frustration after another. If someone’s kid isn’t screaming their lungs out (while they sit there, doing nothing), someone else is there to disrespect you in ways you didn’t even think were possible.

The flight attendants bark orders and treat you like the scum of the earth. They act like they don’t want to have a damn thing to do with you!

I say implementing a dress code will bring at least some of the class back to flying. I’m sure it won’t change people’s attitudes, but at least it will be one small show of kindness toward the rest of us paying customers!

Let it All Hang Out

by Jon Novin

I’m already paying $200+ to sit with a bunch of sick, snot-nosed kids and the rest of you slobs, I don’t need to be told how to dress on top of it! I’ll show up at the airport in the buff if needs be! And I’ll dare you to say one word about it. You’ll get a bloody nose faster than you can say ‘boo.’

Look, I don’t really give two shits about how other people are dressed, alright? I don’t even pay attention to those jackasses. I only glance at their hands, from time to time, to make sure they’re not gonna to pull a weapon on me. God knows the TSA doesn’t catch a got-dang thing these days. It’s only a matter of time ‘til I get knifed by some psychotic, 3,000 feet in the air.

No, all I want to do when I get on a plane is get out in a different place. I want to get there as fast as possible, with as little contact with other people as possible. I’m not in this for some fashion show; I’m in it to get where I need to be faster than I could drive there!

All that said, if some skank stewardess — fresh out of high school — wants to get in my face and say something about how I’m dressed, she’s gonna get hot coffee poured all over that cute little hairdo, boy I’ll tell you what!

No one’s going to tell me how I can or can’t look. No one. Not the pilot, not the crew, not the passengers, not the guy who drives bags around in that little cart.

In fact, anyone who wants to try can come up here right now. I don’t care who you are, or what ‘martial arts’ you might know. I’ll slam your head against the fuselage in a heartbeat! Is that what you want?!

The bottom line is this, leave people alone and you won’t have any problems. No one else cares how they’re dressed. Just get them to where they need to be, and you won’t have to deal with lawsuits, news stories, people boycotting your business, and anything else.

And I won’t have to deal with bullshit assignments like this anymore!

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