More Deadlier than the Male

I’m so sick of these women drivers acting like they own the road, and making problems for the rest of us. Anyone who wants to pull out a statistic about how “women are safer drivers than men” can shut the fuck up about it, and go to hell. I’ll put that out there right off the bat.

Women might get in fewer accidents than men, but that’s only because they cause the accidents, and then speed off before the cops arrive. Whether they know they created a crash or not (and most of the time they do, but choose to be a ‘hit-and-run’ driver), the fact is they are, typically, to blame.

Every time I see some middle-aged lady in an SUV, I know there’s going to be trouble. If she’s not right on your tail, she’s swerving all over the road, yapping on her cell phone, applying makeup, or just being a dizzy bitch.

You can spot a woman driver way back, just by watching where the rearview mirror is. Men keep the mirror facing back. That’s what it’s there for. Women always have the goddam mirror tilted to the left, so they can gawk at their fat, ugly faces instead of watching the road!

Next time I see some skank doing something stupid and unsafe while driving, I’ll run her off the road! That’s a promise. I don’t even give a crap. These women need to learn their lessons. If I have to be the teacher, so be it!

by Jon Novin | Gaseoustania Tonight


The views and content expressed herein — including some use of language —  do not necessarily represent the opinions of the publisher.


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