Time after Time

Time is a precious commodity. Once spent, it is impossible to retrieve. Regardless of lifestyle, diet, geographic location and any number of factors, each one of us will — eventually — run out of time. “You can’t beat the clock.”

You can, however, strive to always make the best use of your time. Whether it’s at work or home, alone or with family and friends, each moment — truly! each second can be something efficient, enjoyable, even magical.

Not every minute of the day can or will become gold, and I firmly believe in the importance of “me time.” Whether it’s watching TV, playing a game or just staring at the ceiling, these are the moments that keep us sane, keep us grounded.

But if we strive to truly live in the moment, to live in a state of grace, to truly and honestly value our time and our lives for the gifts they are, ‘the end’ won’t be such an ominous deadline. It will, instead, simply be the culmination of a journey filled with fabulous memories, shared with wonderful people — a grand finale of time well spent, of a life well lived.

by Peter P. Gaseoustania | Gaseoustania Tonight


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