Congress Could Care Less

News: A new survey shows more than 82% of Americans think Congress is doing a bad job. The record job-approval low doesn’t seem to faze lawmakers, however, who still earned raises this year, despite controversial issues like the ‘fiscal cliff’ fight, and arguing over funding for Hurricane Sandy victims.

Comment: Why should they care?! We re-elected roughly 90% of these suckos back into office! And by the time they’re up for another re-election, anyone who actually votes mid-term will have forgotten all about their kindergartener ways.

By then, gas prices will be up well over $6/gal, and we’ll all have bigger problems to worry about. These guys (and gals) know it, and they love it.

I only wish I could do this in my job. Hardly ever show up, not do the work I was assigned to do, miss deadlines, waste hours on end accomplishing absolutely nothing… and through it all continue to get raises and paid holidays! We’re all in the wrong business.


GT News and Comment
by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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