All Sides: High Heels

Topic: Some shoes have hard soles that make a “click-clack” sound when the user is walking on a tile or linoleum floor.

Give it a Rest

by Jon Novin

You broads better start showing some respect! What the hell is your problem?!

Look, I get fashion, function, and any other excuse I’ve heard from these inconsiderate office skanks. But you know that the floor is tile. And you know that your shoes are loud and annoying. And you know that everyone is trying to concentrate. Anyone with half a brain would put two and two (and two?) together and stop wearing them! I guess you’re too busy being a wench.

The shoes are too damn loud.
The shoes are too damn loud.

Most of these sluts only do it to get attention, or to get people distracted and make them upset so they’ll complain to the boss and probably get in trouble for ‘sexual harassment’ or some horseshit like that.

Next time I see one of these hookers slip out of her heels at lunch, I’ll huck the noise-makers through the got-dang window! Maybe that’ll finally send you the message you’ve been ignoring from everyone in the office for months now!

Get a Life

by Danka Leebon

Women have little control over how ‘loud’ their shoes will be. They typically have no control over workplace flooring. Why office decorators continue to lay down tile or linoleum instead of carpet is beyond me.

The fact is, Jon, most dress shoes come with that sole. And putting rubber on the heel is rarely an option. Someone would likely have to affix it with a nail, which would still create the ‘annoying’ sounds that seem to have occupied most of your time.

So, the alternative for women is to either not wear dress shoes at all or, perhaps, wear slippers or sandals to the office every day. I’m sure you’d have a lot to say about that, too. Or maybe you’d just like us all to be at home — barefoot and pregnant — cooking you up some grits and corned beef hash?!

You need to get over it. Learn to focus on your actual job, instead of wasting so much time stewing about such trivial things. If I were you, I’d be more concerned about being called into the boss’ office for your colorful ‘nicknames’ for women. They’re gonna bite you in the ass sooner than later.

And if you touch any of my personal belongings, it’ll be the last thing you do in this office. That’s not a threat. It’s not ‘harassment.’ That’s a promise. Try me.

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