One Bad Apple…

cop-homeless-man-shoesNews: Jeffrey Hillman made headlines when a viral video showed a New York City police officer giving him shoes to put on his previously bare feet. Now, officials say Hillman isn’t homeless at all. They say he has an apartment that is paid for (including utilities) by outside groups… and he owns 30 pairs of shoes!


Comment: No doubt this guy is a scumbag, but let’s stop the idea that all homeless people are fakes right now. You’re always going to get a cross-section of asswipes who try to bilk the system. But that’s not gonna stop me from giving to charities that help the homeless, or donating food and clothes to homeless shelters.

There are a lot of good, kind folks out there who still need a “hand-up” in this economy. Don’t let one douche skew your perception of the plight of the masses.


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by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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