You’re a Grand Old Flag

News: HGTV recently drew the ire of patriots across the country when they suggested using an American flag as a tablecloth. Viewers sent scathing e-mails, tweets, and posts — one person suggesting: “No one dies for a table cloth.”

Comment: No one dies for a bikini, either. Or a paper plate. Or a lighter. But you people don’t seem to have a problem with Old Glory being blazoned on any of those items.

Look, I’m all for flag etiquette, but let’s make it an across-the-board thing. If you’re truly ‘appalled,’ why not get away from the computer and actually educate people on how to properly respect the Stars n’ Stripes?

Or are you too busy letting your faded, tattered and torn, overly large flag touch the ground in the pouring rain, because you’re too lazy to walk outside?!

GT News & Comment

by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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