If You Rattle the Cage…

News: A man died while cleaning the den of a grizzly bear, at a facility that provides trained animals for photographers and filmmakers. The company said their animals are “healthy, photogenic and well-mannered,” and expressed surprise at the deadly attack.

Comment: Animals are animals. No matter how much you try to “domesticate” them, there is always the chance they will snap, and return to their basic instincts. Even your house cat could severely injure you, if it wanted to.

The people who run this poor-excuse for a business — and those that patronize it — all have blood on their hands from this incident. They are all guilty in this young man’s death!

Close down these animal “sanctuaries” before more people die! This never should have happened.


GT News & Comment

by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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