Bad Parenting 101

News: After meeting a new friend at a community swimming pool, a 12-year-old Missouri boy found out he was adopted, and his 13-year-old ‘friend’ is actually his brother.  The boy’s adoptive mother said she had been “working up the courage” to tell her son. They are now reportedly inseparable.


Comment: Nice ‘mom’ to keep the adoption from her son. She was “working up the courage?!” She’s 42! It’s time to be a big girl. What if the other kid was female, and they ended up having sex? It’s not uncommon for kids that age. This mother is irresponsible and emotionally unstable. She should lose custody of her current kids, and not be allowed to care for other children ever again.


GT News & Comment

by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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