Consumer Attack

News: Some retailers say they’ll start charging customers a “convenience fee” for using credit cards. The fee has been available to merchants for some time, however most have chosen not to levy it against consumers.
Comment: Any of these so-called ‘convenience fees’ typically result in less business. Just ask the airlines, whose continual and ‘creative’ way to bilk money from people has convinced travelers to take road trips or stay home to avoid the fees.

credit cardThis is a cost of doing business. Cash is going by the wayside. Get with the 21st Century, or get left behind.

But I fear these stores may suffer even greater problems than just a few less customers. If someone is charged, say, $1 to use a credit card, they just might retaliate by taking $1 out of your floor tile, vending machine, restroom, etc. Stores have to decide if they are willing to open the flood gates to vandalism, in the name of saving a few cents. 

GT News & Comment

by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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