T-Day Tirade

News: Kmart has come under fire for their decision to keep stores open 41 straight hours during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Some are threatening to boycott the store for ‘not allowing employees to be with their families on Thanksgiving.’
Comment: We do this every year. The store may change, but the anger remains. And this fake ire is tiring.

Look, Thanksgiving is a meal, okay? You can put the “family” spin on it as much as you’d like, but we all know that this year you’ll stuff yourself to the gills, then pass out on the couch… just like ol’ times. Where’s the “quality time” in that?!

And what about desperate workers who need the hours/money? I’ve gladly worked many a holiday, knowing I could put the cash to much better use than a turkey binge.

In the end, I’ll bet half of these “upset shoppers” will be at Kmart on T-Day afternoon, getting that last minute stuffing, whipped cream, or HDTV they’ll return right after the big game.

All these hypocrites can save their ‘shock’ for someone else. I’m not buying it.

GT News & Comment

by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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