It Ain’t So Easy Bein’ Fat

News: CVS Caremark is the latest company to target workers with “self-imposed” health complications. The drug store chain has mandated that employees who use its health insurance plan must disclose their weight and body fat index to the insurance provider, along with other data such as height, blood pressure and family health history.

Overweight workers and those who smoke will pay higher premiums, and employees who refuse to disclose health information will be forced to pay an extra $600 a year.

Comment: Big deal. I can’t believe people are actually getting upset about this. As a junk-food eating, cigar smoking, fast driving, mostly sedentary SOB, I should be paying a higher premium than my co-workers who eat right and take care of themselves! It’s just common sense!

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by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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  1. Yeah, “no big deal” until the Government starts to dictate every thing you do! Open your eyes, Frank, this is the beginning of the end. First it’s about the overweight and smokers, pretty soon you’ll get fired if an employer doesn’t like your race or your religion. Obama has really done a great job in cultivating this prejudice. He’s started a new kind of discrimination and hatred.

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