Money Bags

News: A study by psychologists has determined that people who win or earn large amounts of money are less happy, in the long run, than their less fortunate counterparts.

Comment:  When are these “psychologists” going to wake up?! Money changes things. Let’s stop pretending it doesn’t.

When I got a job that tripled my previous salary, I was finally able to pay off debts, travel, and even open the first savings account of my life. I am happier now that I was before.

Am I ecstatic every day? No. If that’s what these ‘psychologists’ are basing happiness on, then of course they are going to get these results. The bottom line, however, is that even on their worst day, the richest people in the world are probably feeling a helluva lot better than the poorest.

GT News & Comment

by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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