Airline Bathrooms to get Smaller

News: Delta Airlines recently announced a plan to decrease the size of the restrooms on their planes. The move will create four more coach-class seats. Officials would not comment on the new size, but admitted it will be smaller than the current 3’x 3’ lavatories.

Speak up!
Speak up!

Comment: Everyone who’s complaining about this needs to translate their ire into action. If you bitch and don’t do anything thing about it, it’s as if you’re not saying a damn word.

People complain about gas prices — and, granted, some are cutting back and driving less — but there hasn’t been a large enough impact yet for the oil companies to take notice and lower the prices.

It’s the same with the airlines. You can complain all you want about baggage fees, seat fees, and now smaller bathrooms. But until a significant amount of people actually stop flying, the fees will continue. You can’t beat the system.

GT News & Comment

by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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