Think it Over

Two ‘wrongs’ don’t typically make a ‘right.’ Jordan Morin obviously hasn’t heard that cliché.

Police in Simcoe, Ontario arrested the 25-year-old for driving a stolen car to serve his jail time.

Morin was earlier convicted on assault charges, and chose to serve his 60-day sentence in weekend increments. His attorney argues that because the jail is nearly 90 miles away from Morin’s home, he was “physically incapable” of getting there without stealing a car.

The pea-brained perp now has an additional 10 months of jail time to work on making better choices.


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  1. Typical Canadians. They give criminals a choice when they want to do time?! Why not just let them do it from home, online, like a school?! Goddam Canucks…

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