Bait and Switch

News: U.S. Navy scientists say they’ve found a way to convert sea water into jet fuel. Though the details are still being worked out, officials say sea water jet fuel would cost between three and six dollars a gallon.


Comment: How long before the oil companies claim “full ownership” of the ocean?! I want to believe this is a viable option, but the past 50 years has shown us anything that threatens to loosen the iron grip of Big Oil will soon be squashed.

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by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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  1. This would never be a “viable option” for cars. It’s been used for a while as a sort of last resort for the Navy. The conversion is really expensive, so even if it was rolled out for cars, the price would be closer to $6/gal than $3. Do you really want to pay more for sea water jet fuel than you’re paying now for gas?!

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