Cry Me a (Polluted) River

News: The U.S. Supreme Court has denied a request by BP. The oil giant had sought to stop paying some compensation claims from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


Comment: Finally, a win for the little guy! The BP fascists not only destroyed the Gulf and left behind environmental havoc whose effects will be felt for years, but then top execs whined about ‘having their lives back,’ and showed they don’t give two shits about anyone but their damn selves.

It’s time for these asswipes to pay up. From their own funds for a change, not just raising the price of gas. I hope the company goes bankrupt from paying off all the debts they racked up by being irresponsible, uncaring mofos.


GT News & Comment

by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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