Protective Property Owner

Margie Rhea Ramey really loves her driveway. Enough so to pull a gun on a lost family.

Virginia police say the family — mom, dad and five kids — needed a space to turn around, to get back on the right track. But when they randomly chose Ramey’s parking space, police say the 72-year-old grandmother opened fire!

Ramey told police she was tired of people ‘tearing up her driveway.’ She’ll now be seeing concrete of another kind: in jail.


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  1. It’s about time that American citizens took a stand on the growing national issue of “hey you kids! Get off the lawn!” This brand of old fashioned vigilantism is another great example of why people like George Zimmerman are famous. Not that we think that Mr. Zimmerman is a role model of any sort, most of these types are too zealous in their protection of Hummel figurines and old TV Guides.

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