Ban Bullies for Life

News: Twitter has announced sweeping changes in the wake of abrasive and threatening messages that caused Zelda Williams to abandon the site. Her father, Robin Williams, was found dead earlier this week. The death was ruled a homicide.


Comment: Kudos to Twitter and other social media platforms for making steps toward combating cyber-bullying. The trouble is, the cowards who have their accounts shut down for making incendiary comments will simply open new accounts and pick up their heinous behavior where they left off. Even if your IP is blocked, you can just use another computer or device.

A comprehensive cyber-bullying crackdown should include methods by which the posters of volatile messages could be banned for life, or face stiffer penalties, such as formal charges for public threats.

GT News & Comment

by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 

Residential Life Magazine Technology Consultant Enid Ahylhienatta contributed to this report.


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