Big Brother is Watching

News: The Seattle City Council has passed a measure to fine businesses and individuals who they feel waste too much food. Under the system, residents will be charged $1 if their trash contains more than 10% food waste. Businesses will be charged $50. Lawmakers say the move is a push to encourage composting.

This is now a crime scene.
This is now a crime scene.

Comment: And the police state begins! The ‘police’ in this case will actually be garbage men (sanitation workers, my ass!), who will “note in a computerized system” the amount of food waste in each trash bag.

Let me go on record with this: if you are in Seattle, or if you’re close enough to toss some trash out there, I will pay you to stuff a bag full of food waste. When the city charges you, I will pay for your court fees to take this un-Constitutional “measure” all the way to the Supreme Court!

Seattle lawmakers and residents need to realize — as much as they wish they were a sovereign nation — they are still bound by the laws of the United States.


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by Frank Calling | News Editor | Gaseoustania Tonight 


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