Let Them Eat Cake

They’re all screaming for ice cream in Mérida.

But residents of the Venezuelan town will have to find another way to satisfy their sweet teeth, after a popular ice cream shop there has been temporarily closed.

ice cream
Don’t mess with success

So why is this news? Well, officials blame the closure on a milk shortage — a claim sugared-up townsfolk say is well past its expiration date.

While it’s true there was a milk shortage a few months ago, angry residents say “that was then, and this is now.” They note that other ice cream parlors are still open. How do you explain that, gubment?!

The shop in question — Coromoto — is known for offering more than 850 flavors of ice cream ranging from beer to beans.

Skeptics think the government wants to keep the successful business from thriving, and is using any excuse in the book to do so.


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