Thunder from Down Under

It’s all fun and games ’till someone’s toothbrush gets broken.

Police in Orlando, Florida say an Australian guest of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas turned the “happiest place on Earth” into anything but – flying into a rage and blaming the resort for breaking his kid’s Hello Kitty toothbrush.

Who's laughing now?!
Who’s laughing now?!

The drama began when 14 bags of luggage were mistakenly sent to the room of Setia Kumiawan and his wife, Vonni Gustimego. For some reason, the couple refused to return the bags. When police arrived outside the door, they say Vonni “stuck a finger in the officer’s face and started yelling.” What ensued was worthy of daytime TV.

The lawman swatted Vonni’s hand away, which sent Setia into a rage. When he lunged at officers, they gave him a face-first introduction to the the hotel room floor. That’s when Vonni grabbed the hotel manager by the jacket, and then slapped a security guard in the ear. And… cut to commercial!

Sadly for the couple, their charges of battery and grand theft are very real. Meanwhile, the fate of the Hello Kitty toothbrush remains unknown.


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