Knee Jerk Reaction

When traveling, common courtesy is a good rule of thumb. One passenger learned that lesson the hard way when his flight was diverted and he kicked off, following what United Airlines called “unruly behavior.”

interior of a commercial airplane
Mind your Ps and Qs

The male passenger – who has not been identified by name – clipped a Knee Defender onto his tray table, so he could use his laptop. The device prevents passengers directly in front from reclining their seat. Most major airlines currently ban use of the device, and empower flight staff to demand it be removed.

When the female passenger discovered the device, she summoned flight staff. When the man refused to remove it, witnesses say words were exchanged and the female passenger eventually “splashed a hot beverage” into the man’s face.

No one was arrested in the incident. Police say the issue is more one of customer service than a threat to aviation security.


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