And This is How It Will End

I truly believe that this election will make multiple parties in this country the norm moving forward. And I mean more than Independent and Libertarian.

I believe that not only will it be ‘okay’ to run as an Independent (instead of having to choose D or R to be taken seriously), and not only will the Libertarian candidates receive equal press and coverage (the only reason I even know about Gary Johnson is because my buddy’s a Libertarian), but that there will be several parties to choose from — perhaps as many as seven or eight.

This has been the case in Europe for decades, and despite U.S. criticism of that setup, they seem to be able to consistently elect leaders without everything falling apart — a scenario that the inept fear mongers who currently run our political system have ceaselessly used as scare tactic against any real, lasting change.

Time for Change

Being leader of the free world is about so much more than merely one’s gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, etc., etc. Honing in on these factors is no different than choosing a candidate solely because you like the color of their shirt.

No one should feel pressured to vote for a candidate “because she’s a woman,” or “because he’s black,” or any other factor aimed at shaming someone into casting their ballot based on anything but who they truly feel — in their heart and mind — is the most qualified person for the job, the person who will put first the best interests of the country, and improve the life of every citizen.

My Two Cents
by Peter P. Gaseoustania
Gaseoustania Tonight


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