End Times

Watching the outright Capitol Hill grill-fest of FBI Director James Comey, I just couldn’t remain silent any longer.

comeyOf course, Hillary lied. That’s what she does best. Comey knows it. He just doesn’t want to get whacked like everyone else who’s gone even slightly against the wishes of Queen Clinton. Instead of demonizing the poor guy, we all need to read between the lines, and really understand what he’s saying.

Words like “careless,” “not sophisticated,” and suggesting that her actions would be punishable in most any other case are and should be seen as a gimmee to the GOP. Comey, in so many words, is telling them and the American people that Hillary is unfit to be President of the United States. He just can’t and won’t outright verbalize it.

Blind Eye

And then you have the psychotic Democrats who keep asserting that “this wouldn’t be happening if she was not running for office.” Of course it wouldn’t! That’s the whole point. If she was some schlub on the street, she would be in jail by now. If by some miracle she wasn’t, would anyone really care? I mean, yes, you might think it was pretty shady, but people get away with crimes every day. It’s not right. But they’re also not running for the highest office in the land.

Take to Task

If Trump was at all politically-savvy, he’d jump on this and not stop until the election. Unfortunately, he’s clearly missing a few marbles, so instead he chooses to keep his foot perpetually jammed in his own mouth. There has never been a better political gift than he was offered this week, and he completely blew it.

We’re All Crazy Now

trump-memeThe sad and scary part is that none of it matters. People have already decided. If you like Hillary, she could murder a kid on live TV, and you’ll still vote for her. If you like Trump, he could burn a cross on the White House lawn wearing his KKK hood, and you’d still vote for him. And if you like Bernie, you’ll just close your ears and eyes to the truth that there is no possible way for him to ever become President — not now, not ever.

Or you could throw your vote straight into the trash can and check the box for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. You’d be better off writing in ‘Mickey Mouse,’ or staying home altogether.

Greatest Show on Earth

But what I really want to know is this: what did we, the American people, do to deserve this? No matter what we do, we lose. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is loving this circus sideshow — grabbing popcorn and wondering what wild thing will happen next. Can we just skip this election? Is that possible?

Coming Soon

I truly believe, as our illustrious publisher recently detailed, that this will be the last ‘two party’ election for this country. We’re going to see five, six viable parties from here on out. And I’m talking more about just Independent, Libertarian, and Green Party. These three will become stronger, yes, but we will also have other choices.

But to force the American people to shoulder this vile and despicable display any longer is just shameful. No one should be forced to choose the “lesser of two evils.” Either way, you’re stuck with evil!

by Frank Calling
News Editor
Gaseoustania Tonight


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