The Company You Keep

By now you must have heard that the father of the Orlando nightclub shooting was spotted at a Hillary Clinton rally in Central Florida. Big fug’n deal.

I’m no Hillary lover, far from it, in fact. But I also won’t hesitate from calling out clear haters when I see or hear them.

The Way It Is

Having attended many political rallies in my time — Democratic, Republican, Independent, grassroots, whatever — I can say that most of them follow a similar format, in that they are “open forum.” This means that there’s rarely assigned seating (yes, there is always a VIP section, and we’ll get to that later).

hillary-clinton-omar-mateenTypically, you wait outside for what seems like a lifetime, and when they finally let you in, it’s basically every man for himself. Despite being in roughly the same place in line for both recent events, I ended up in the back of the room to hear Tim Kaine, and somehow got in the very front row for Trump. It’s just luck of the draw (plus a little skill in hustling your ass inside).

So what’s my point? It’s highly unlikely that ol’ Hill even knew that douche was in the building, much less orchestrated some ‘secret’ plan to get him right in the camera’s view.

And despite what some may lead you to believe, he wasn’t sitting in a VIP section. Anyone who’s been to a rally knows you sit behind the speaker so you can get on TV. VIP seating is a lot better, and usually comes with perks (food, etc.). Also, most VIPs don’t actually want to be seen. So the conspiracy theorists can suck on that.

Call ‘Em Like I See ‘Em

Again, I’m definitely not coming to her defense, and for the most part I could care less about what’s even said at her events, but I couldn’t just sit back and let this one go.

Public forums like this one are, by design, rather laid back. Oh, there’s definitely security. Everyone has to go through a metal detector, get bags checked, etc. But aside from that, it’s pretty easy.

There’s (usually) no dress code, limited rules, and just an open atmosphere, which is what the political process should be in the first place. There’s no background check or anything like that.

So people need to calm down about this killer’s dad being at an event, and demanding answers from Hillary Clinton. ‘Cause there’s nothing to answer for. He went to a public event and that’s the bottom line. Anyone who wants to make it into a larger conspiracy or controversy is a loser. Done and done.

by Frank Calling
News Editor
Gaseoustania Tonight



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