Kids’ll Be Kids

So Malia Obama got caught smoking weed. Does it really matter?

Cast the First Stone

malia-obamaLook, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on casual drug use, and I’m not going to get into my own convictions here. Instead, maybe instead of pointing the finger, we should all think back to our own childhoods, especially those awkward and confusing teen years.

I know I did some stuff that I’m not proud of and should have known better, and I thank Christ every day that social media wasn’t a “thing” back then, so my past has been able to stay in the past.

But no matter what I chose to do is not and should not be a reflection on my parents, my teachers, my upbringing, or even my own values. Kids and teens are kids and teens. They’ll experiment with different things (including drugs and sex), and that’s all part of growing up — all part of the maturation process.

This is How We Learn


I don’t see this as a reflection on the President, the First Lady, or anyone else. No one’s to “blame” here. In fact, no one — including myself — should even be fielding an opinion about this. At the end of the day — President or not — this amounts to little more than a private discussion between parents and a child.

Growing up is tough enough under any circumstances. Add to that the constant leering eye of public opinion, reporters just waiting for you to “screw up” so they can get a cover story, and you’ve created a no-win situation.

It’s time to let kids be kids, to let them make their mistakes and learn from them without the immediate judgement from people who don’t remember what it was like to be ‘young and dumb.’

by Elisabeth Elston
Gaseoustania Tonight


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