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I can’t believe there’s actually controversy over Target’s decision to add ‘single stall’ restrooms at their stores.

You must have heard that a few months ago, Target execs said shoppers could use whatever store bathroom suited their gender identity. There was a huge hullabaloo at that time: some people cheered the move as an overdue victory for transgender folks, while others threatened to boycott the store over the move.

Compromise is King

transgender-bathroomNow, people are actually pissed that the store added a choice for privacy! I don’t get it! It’s not infringing on anyone’s rights. It’s not going to be labeled the “anti-transgender” bathroom or anything. It’s just another choice.

I know a few transgender people who actually applauded this move, so anyone who says it’s discrimination is not speaking for everyone, I can tell you that right now.

Leave Me Alone

Plus the fact that some people actually like a little privacy, if they have a kid, or maybe the just don’t like doing their business next to other people.

Any time I’m out, if there’s an option for a private bathroom, I always take it. In some places, I’ll even wait for the private stall, even if there’s no line at the shared restroom. It’s just a personal preference.

Keep Calm…

The thing is, not everything has to be some huge controversy. It’s not a requirement to get offended by every little thing, even though some people act like it is! If it’s not hurting you or others, and not discriminating against anyone, why are you so angry? People really need to chill out.

by Mahogany X
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  1. These trannies aren’t happy unless the focus is completely on them. I’m telling you, the gay agenda is going to take over this country soon if we don’t make some big changes. #TrumpPence2016

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