Variety is the Spice of Life

I’m so tired of people always ragging on Trump. You never hear about all the bullshit that Hillary does on a daily basis, but if Trump even sneezes the wrong way, it’s all over the news for weeks!

Like just recently, when he announced changes to the campaign staff, everyone is saying it’s because he knows he’s going to lose, or that he’s getting scared or something. People do this all the time! It’s part of campaigning! You get fresh people in with fresh ideas and you move things forward.

Meanwhile, Hillary keeps “reintroducing” herself to America, and no one says boo. And the worst part is, nothing ever changes with each “reintroduction.” So what’s the point?

For once, I’d like to see the media give every candidate an honest shot, instead of bowing to the Queen. Let’s start being actual journalists, instead of paid shills for the goddam DNC.

by Tuppence “Penny” Piazza
Gaseoustania Tonight


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