What Difference Does It Make?

18 Aug

I’m so tired of seeing these Kennedy assassination shows, and I’m into history. I can only imagine what someone else must think.

Look, the man is dead. He’s been dead for years. No matter whether it was a conspiracy or not, things have rolled out as they have. If you found out today that it was some government plot to kill the President, you might be pissed, but it wouldn’t change anything about the way things work.

Fact Checker

I didn’t use that now famous Hillary quote to suggest she should somehow be let off the hook for her lies. Don’t get me wrong on that.

She was basically making the same point that I am now, but in her case, her careless actions directly led to the death of four Americans. There’s no excuse for that.

But if Lyndon Johnson’s relatives found some old journal he wrote where he confessed that he wanted ol’ Jack knocked off so LBJ could get a shot at Presidential glory, so much time has passed now that it wouldn’t make much difference in the grand scheme of things.

Open Your Eyes

That’s why people need to be so vigilant in their research and understanding of things as they are now. Look into Trump’s tax returns. Find out about Hillary’s health records. Let’s not have another “we should have known better” moment down the line.

There’s no excuse for being so passive about things, especially when they affect the next several decades. Don’t let your kids have to curse you out ‘cause you were too lazy to get the facts.

by Kathleen Lakeland
Gaseoustania Tonight


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