Biggest Loser

31 Aug

A new ABC news poll shows Hillary Clinton’s unfavorability ratings are almost equal with those of Donald Trump. And this is something either side should be proud of?!

It’s been said over and again on this forum and others, but it’s worth repeating. Voting for the “lesser of two evils,” or the candidate you “hate the least” is not a healthy method of voting, and is surely counter to the democratic process.

So now you have all these crazies who’ll vote for their candidate no matter what they say or do. That’s sad. As it stands right now, no matter who gets in, a huge percentage of this country’s citizens will not trust the new President. How is that going to work?

The simple answer is that it won’t. This election is just a sort of holding pattern until 2020, when Americans can actually vote for a halfway sane individual for a change. Whoever gets in can be guaranteed only one term (if they can make it through one term without being removed from office!), and then we can all move on.

by Yvaneht Debagorski
Gaseoustania Tonight


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