Just a Girl

31 Aug

Watching the morning news, I heard something that made me want to regurgitate my breakfast. The commentator was suggesting that Donald Trump will need to “be careful” in the upcoming debate that he doesn’t “cross a line” with Hillary Clinton. The male anchor said that Trump could do or say something on stage that would ruin his chances, “if voters think he’s attacking a woman.”

Get it Together

economy-stupidLook, most people are tired of the personal attacks by this point. I join many, many of my fellow Americans in the hope that the debates will actually be of substance, instead of this juvenile back and forth. Rather than who’s the bigger racist, I actually want to know where the candidates stand on the economy, human rights, environmental issues, immigration, and more.

That said, both candidates should be wholly focused on laying out the reasons why they’re the better candidate for office, and they should be able to do so without fear that something they say or do might come across as sexist, or that they hurt the other person’s feelings.

Grow Up

If you’re running for President, and expect to be elected to office and do well at your job, you’ve got to have a thick skin. Hillary needs to be woman enough to be able to handle no matter what Trump throws at her, and Trump needs to be man enough to take whatever jabs she can dole out.

This ain’t no junior high class election. This is for real. When whoever wins is faced with a huge decision, or even a rebuke from another world leader, they need to be able to hold their own, and not go on some crying jag or childish tirade. And if neither candidate thinks they can do that, then they need to move the hell aside once and for all.

by Danka Leebon
Gasoustania Tonight


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