Who Pays?

Republican candidate for U.S. President Donald Trump told reporters he and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto “didn’t discuss who pays for the wall” during their Wednesday meeting in Mexico.

Trump’s immigration plan has centered on an extensive physical wall spanning the entire U.S./Mexico border. He’s insisted that the Mexican government would foot the bill for the wall’s construction.

Funny Business?

Now, with both politicians plagued by record low approval ratings, some are suggesting that the whole thing is a pre-decided sham. Skeptics say Trump could “donate” some of his fortune to the Mexican government, which would use the funds to construct the wall, making it seem like Mexico is paying, when it’s really Trump’s money all along.

Show me the money

While plausible, it’s unclear how such a ruse would benefit Mexico, unless the country was able to put some internal spin on the move, making it look like a political win for Mexico, while not damaging what could be Trump’s new-found positive reputation for doing what he said he would do so many months ago.

A further problem for Trump, however, is that he would have to be elected to even begin seriously floating the idea of the wall before Congress. Most polls show an uphill climb for his chances at the presidency. From there, it would most surely be difficult to convince enough lawmakers on both sides of the plan, in order to get the needed majority vote.

Closed Doors

In the meantime, due to the closed door meeting between Trump and Nieto, it may be impossible to ever know what was really discussed. The idea of Trump’s funding the wall himself may not be completely unfounded, however.

by Samaris Nuñez
Gaseoustania Tonight


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