Haters Get on Board

Here’s the thing: Hillary Clinton will be our next President. You can get mad, call me names, debate me until the sun burns out, and it won’t change that fact.

It’s mathematically impossible for Trump to win — mostly because of the electoral college. I don’t want to get all into all that mess, but suffice it to say I’ve looked at it from every different angle, and even if most historically “blue” states somehow decide to switch teams (which is not gonna happen), she still wins. The sooner everyone accepts that fact, the better.

Hang On

The only “consolation prize” left now for Republicans and the #NeverHillary camp is the fact that she probably won’t get her Supreme Court picks.

Congratulations, Madame President

Everyone knows that the President appoints Supreme Court nominees, but they don’t actually make the final choice. Obama’s justice pick is still waiting on his fate, since Senate Republicans flat-out refuse to even have a vote until the next President is elected.

They really hope Trump will get in, so they can drop Merrick Garland like a hot potato and confirm a more conservative choice. But even when Hillary gets in (yes, when not if), they still don’t have to choose Garland or any of her other choices. They can just ride out the clock (four years, maybe eight) until they get what they want.

Sure, it’s not the right thing to do. It’s not the fair thing to do. It completely screws up the judicial process. But if nothing else has been made clear from this chaotic and confusing election season, it’s that politicians couldn’t care less about America or the American people.

Tables Turned

The only hope Hillary could have is that Democrats re-take control of the Senate in 2018, and then it’s on. Then she’ll have no trouble or obstacles getting her people on the highest court in the land, and the Republicans won’t be able to say a God damn thing about it.

It’s awful that this is what American politics have become, and sadly this political war mentality doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. So the low-down, back-room deals and childish behavior will continue.

by Paula Postolpokij
Gaseoustania Tonight


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  1. What exactly about Hill does it for you? It is strictly the lies, or the overall corruption. Or do you just really want another endless war? No, really, I’m curious.

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