Fair Fight

5 Sep

Moderators for the upcoming Presidential debates have been announced:

09/26: Lester Holt | NBC News
10/04: Elaine Quijana | CBS News (Vice Presidential Debate)
10/09: Martha Raddatz | ABC News ; Anderson Cooper | CNN
10/19: Chris Wallace | FOX News

All candidates have agreed to debate in front of these moderators. Earlier, Donald Trump had hinted he would boycott any debate of whose moderator he did not approve.

Fair and Balanced

Now the question on the minds of many Americans is: will the moderators favor one candidate over another, as has seemed to be the case in the past?

Rumors are already swirling that Hillary Clinton has been given by CNN a set of questions to be asked in the October 9th debate, and that Donald Trump has been given by FOX News a set of questions to be asked in the October 19th debate. Both of these accusations have been categorically denied and, frankly, the notion is absurd to begin with.

Let ‘Er Rip

My concern, however, is that either candidate could be thrown “softballs” in the debates: easy, undetailed questions whose answers will almost assuredly paint the candidate in a favorable light. In this scenario, one candidate could be asked to detail their stance on a very complicated issue, while the other would simply be asked: “What color is blue?”

Regardless of the logistics of the debates, they are sure to be “must see TV” for any citizen concerned about the future of this country.

by Federico LaDuenza
Gaseoustania Tonight


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