Leave Her Alone

8 Sep

I’m so sick of these daily attacks on Hillary. Like today, it’s #HillarysEarPiece. So stupid! You people are so afraid of a woman President that you have to come up with these childish little jabs all the time.


This is what a President looks like

Did you ever hear of a hearing aid?! It’s not just for elderly people. My friend is in her 20s and she has to wear one.

Or maybe it’s just an earplug. I wear them all the time at concerts… even the movies! And in fact, most musicians these days have to wear ear pieces for two reasons: so they don’t damage their hearing, but also so they can hear over the massive amount of noise in an arena. But I guess you didn’t think it could get loud in a frickin’ air hangar! Haters.

I’ve never once tried to start a Trump hashtag, or made up some conspiracy about him. You people are just insecure and scared to death of a strong woman. I can’t wait until she gets in office and you all have to accept her historic victory for what it is!

by Cindy Simone
Gaseoustania Tonight


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